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Flarken Kart is the encounter in Swedish Lapland

between two Mushing addicts :

Ingo from Germany and Fabien from France.

Ingo has had sled dogs for many years.

As a mechanic, welder and metal turner, it was only natural for him to start building carts to train his dogs when he could not find anything he was satisfied with on the market.

In 2008, he built his first cart. Not really happy with it, he kept improving on the second one, the third one and so on… He built a 3 wheel-cart, then a 4 wheel, on which he first added one seat, then another seat so he could take his family and friends for a ride !

There is nothing like creating your own kart, from conceiving it, to manufacturing it, to finally testing it ! After a few years of trying out differents models and manufacturing techniques, he started a small scale production intended for sales.

He stopped in 2016 when he decided to move to Swedish Lapland to offer his dogs a much better playground.

By coincidence (or destiny?), he moved only a few kilometers away from Flarken Adventure and Fabien.


Fabien has had dogs for almost 30 years and is a professional musher since 1999.

For many years, he was part owner of a company manufacturing sleds in France. In 2012, he moved to Swedish Lapland and started Flarken Adventure.

When he meets Ingo a few years ago and sees the quality of his karts, he starts thinking about the potential of a partnership. Slowly, the idea matured and in summer 2019, Flarken Avdenture’s garage became a workshop where these models are now manufactured.


Flarken Kart isn’t really anything new. Even though the models have been revised and modified, it is just the second breath of those first kart models that have stayed hidden for too long.



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